Planning Guide

Trip Leader

To make the most of your Canadian adventure, use these tools to get started with the planning. A great vacation starts with proper research, planning, preparation, and organization. As with many things in life a leader to coordinate the trip is the key to success. Do you possess the skills to lead your group? Do you know someone in your group most suited for this task? Identify a trip leader to direct, communicate, and organize the trip for the best outcome.Utilize the clickable link for information to aid in planning your adventure!

Border Crossing

Crossing into another country such as Canada can be a bit intimidating. When entering into another country you will most likely be unfamiliar with current laws and customs. With the proper knowledge of documents required, as well as knowing your rights as a U.S. citizen, crossing the U.S. / Canada border will be uneventful. The clickable link below will provide you with information to aid you in your boarder crossing.

Lodge Search

The Lodge Search tool will help you to identify a Canadian lodge that best suits your idea of the perfect Canadian adventure. Canada's best fishing camps, lodges, resorts, and hunting outfitters are found within the All-Canada Lodge Search. You can search for your adventure based on location, type of lodge, fish species, hunting opportunities, services, activities, attractions and price range. Check out all Canada has to offer and start planning for your Canadian adventure today!