2021 All-Canada Show Early Signup

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Signed Contract with deposit by: June 1st, 2020. Deposit required: $100/show.
EARLY SIGN UP! – $75 Home Page Link (1/2 Price Link)
Early sign up Includes Home Page Link at a $75 rate added to your invoice. Annual Home Page link standard rate: Exhibitor ($150), Non-exhibitor ($300)


Milwaukee, WI (January 8-10) Mlk. Cty. Sports Complex, Franklin, WI
Chicago, IL (January 15-17) Tinley Park Convention Center, Tinley Park, IL.
Chicago, IL (January 21-24) Kane County Fairgrounds, St, Charles, IL.
Green Bay, WI (January 28-31) Radisson Conf. Center, Green Bay, WI


1-2 Shows 3-4 Shows
Single (Std. Rate $1295) $1195 $1145
Double (Std. Rate $2285) $2185 $2085
Not Attending
Chicago #1 Tinley Park
Single (Std. $1395) $1295 $1245
Double (Std. $2435) $2335 $2235
Not Attending
Chicago #2 Kane County
Single (Std. $1495) $1395 $1345
Double (Std. $2625) $2525 $2425
Not Attending
Chicago #1 Tinley Park and #2 Kane County
Single (Std. $2700) $2500 $2500
Double (Std. $4880) $4500 $4500
Not Attending
*Note this selection includes Chicago Tinley Park and Chicago Kane County shows combined, offering an additional discount).
Green Bay
Single (Std. $1395) $1295 $1245
Double (Std. $2435) $2335 $2235
Not Attending


CHECKS PAYABLE TO: PACE Adventures LLC EMAIL: Scott@allcanada.com FAX: 920-376-9977 MAIL: PO BOX 101 Black Creek, WI 54106 Scott (920) 621-7874 Steve (920)362-0966


Same booth(s) as last year (Note Chicago shows are both new venues)
New booth location
*If booth is a corner booth, check below.
*Contract and 50% payment must be received by July 15, 2020 to guarantee same booth.
MLK ($75) CH#1 ($90) CH#2 ($90) GB ($75)
Additional 2nd table: 4’, 6’, 8’ ($50)
Carpet ($75 per 10’ Booth)
MLK CH#1 (carpeted) CH#2 GB (carpeted)
Corner Booth – ($75))
Corner booth requests are not guaranteed.


Check Options:
Repeat ad from previous year
Repeat ad with ad edits required
New Ad
Exhibitor Pricing
1⁄4 page $575
1⁄2 page $975
Full page $1815
1⁄4 page $695
1⁄2 page $1210
Full page $2035

*All-Canada Show program and travel guide. Newspaper format - direct mail to approx. 50,000 past show guests in 2021 markets. Will also be produced on-line at AllCanada.com
*Ads cannot be cancelled after October 1, 2020. Changes must be received by November 1st or ad will run as is with no credit for errors/omissions.

Check / Cash
Credit Card

*For credit card payment complete authorization form


*Deposit due: JUNE 1, 2020 - $100/ show
*50% of balance per show due: July 15, 2020
*Balance due: October 1, 2020

Limitation on Placement: PACE Adventures will have the right to omit any materials or ads that are not consistent with the content of the All-Canada Show. LATE PAYMENTS: Payments are due on or before scheduled dates. This contract may be cancelled at the discretion of PACE Adventures LLC. REFUND POLICY: A full refund of deposit will be made if contract is cancelled in writing by September 1, 2020. ALL PAYMENTS WILL BE FORFEITED for cancellations after that date. Outstanding due balances must be paid in FULL for any booths cancelled after September 1, 2020 and any publication advertisements cancelled after October 1, 2020. PACE Adventures retains the right to send any unpaid balance to collection if not paid in full.

This contract is to be signed by an officer of the company or person officially authorized. You are bound by the terms on the reverse side, which encompass terms requiring you to hold PACE Adventures LLC harmless which may arise from you participation in the show. YOUR SIGNATURE ABOVE SIGNIFIES YOU HAVE AGREED TO ALL THE CONTRACT TERMS. Signed electronic contracts are legally binding.
Local Laws: Exhibitors must comply with all state and local laws, rules regulations and ordinances in force.
Liability: Exhibitors who desire insurance on their material must place same at their own expense. The exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless PACE Adventures LLC. (hereafter called PACE Adventures) and its employees, against any and all claims of any person whomsoever arising out of acts of omission of exhibitors, its employees and/or guests. Exhibitors shall furnish their own public liability.
Contract Termination: This agreement may be terminated by PACE Adventures at any time on the breach of any of the conditions by the exhibitor, and thereupon all his rights hereunder shall cease and terminate and any such payments by him on account hereof prior to said termination shall be retained by Pace Adventures as liquidated damages for such breach, and PACE Adventures may thereupon resell such space. After October 1, 2020, the advertisements in publications cannot be cancelled. After September 1, 2020 this contract cannot be cancelled. Full payment is due regardless of whether exhibitor attends show(s) contracted for. PACE Adventures retains the right to send any unpaid balance over to collections if not paid in full.
PACE Adventures shall have the full and final power to interpret and/or revise or amend these rules and regulations which in its discretion shall be in the best interests of the production. The decision of the show director (appointed by PACE Adventures) must be accepted as final in any dispute between exhibitors or in any situation not covered by these rules and regulations.
PACE Adventures will not allow the presence of any displays not approved by it. Suppliers (exhibitors) are allowed to distribute printed matter only within the space allotted to them. Obnoxious, unwieldy behavior whether human or created by mechanical means to attract attention will not be permitted. No food or beverages will be allowed to be distributed by exhibitors.
PACE Adventures will allow only four people to occupy a single booth at one time. The purpose of the show will make it necessary for each exhibitor to have competent, experienced and knowledgeable sales persons working the show. Tape, tacks, nails or any other securing devices cannot be driven into building walls or columns. Any defacing of the property in which the exhibit is being held will be billed to the exhibitor who causes such damage to occur.
Exhibits must remain intact until after the official closing of the show. Exhibitors are requested at all times to cooperate with PACE Adventures by maintaining their exhibits throughout the show in an outstanding condition with respect to material and personnel. No exhibitor shall have the right prior to the official closing of the show to vacate his space without the permission and approval in writing from PACE Adventures. Exhibitors failing to do so will be prohibited from exhibiting at future shows.
Exhibitor shall not assign or sublet any part of the space without the written consent of PACE Adventures. All booth decorations shall be subject to the approval of PACE Adventures.
In the case the space shall not be available for the users herein specified due to war, government action or order, act of God, fires, strikes, pandemic, acts of terrorism, labor disputes or any other causes beyond the control of PACE Adventures, this agreement shall immediately terminate and in such an event exhibitor shall and does hereby waive any claims to damages or any other recovery therefore except the return of the amounts paid as rental for the space in the form of a credit for the next year, less the pro-rated share allocable to the space of the actual expenses, including lost ticket revenue, incurred by PACE Adventures in connection with the show. Should PACE Adventures, in its sole discretion, consider it inadvisable to hold the show at the time and place herein provided, PACE Adventures may, at its option, terminate this agreement, return the sums paid by exhibitor for the space and there shall be no further liability on the part of either party to the other. Upon notice to the exhibitor, PACE Adventures shall also have the right to change the date, time, and/or place where the show is to be held.
Exhibitors: PACE Adventures reserves the right to decline or prohibit any exhibitor or portions thereof it deems in direct conflict with the total theme of the show, and to permit only such matters as shall be approved by PACE Adventures. Because of direct and indirect support of the All-Canada Show by Tourism Canada and by the various provincial/territorial marketing departments and because PACE Adventures does not want to become a general sport show, the All-Canada Show will not allow non-Canadian based lodges, resorts and/or outfitters in the show. Non-Canadian based signage or literature distribution is also prohibited.
Conduct: The use of alcohol or non-prescription drugs at the exhibitor’s booth is prohibited. Abuse of the provision could lead to expulsion from the show without a refund.
No Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in any of the exhibit facilities. PACE Adventures will notify exhibitors of designated areas if they are available.
Booth Equipment shall consist of a minimum 10’ wide by 7’ deep booth (depth may vary per show) erected by show management at no cost to exhibitor in the space ordered.
Booth Space Charge includes the following: backdrop and side rails, drapes, high skirted table and two stools. Exhibitor may provide own tables and stools but no refunds for booth accessories will be allowed. Tables must be skirted to conform to color scheme selected by management. Decoration of
Booth is limited to a height of 96 inches and must not extend more than 3 ft. from the booth background. Exceptions may be made for exhibitors purchasing 20 & 30 continuous feet or more. Contact show management for details and approval. Use of crepe paper is not permitted and all decorative material must be fireproof. Exhibitors’ decorations should not obstruct neighboring displays nor project into aisles. Screws, nails, tacks, or tape are not permitted on booth background or side drapes. Table top displays are limited to not more than 16 inches in height.
Music Licensing: Exhibitors are responsible for music licensing on videos played in their booth.
Demonstrating and distribution of advertising material must be confined to the limits of occupied space.
Limitation on Placement: PACE Adventures will have the right to omit any materials or ads that are not consistent with the content of the show.
Loss or damage: PACE Adventures will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by any exhibitor, or its employees or guest, from any act of theft, vandalism or accidental injury.
Prize Drawings by individual exhibitors must comply with all state and federal laws (exhibitor’s responsibility).
Guaranteed Corner Booths are available to any exhibitor at an extra cost of $75 per booth. Checking “same booth as last year” does not necessarily guarantee a corner booth, unless the “guaranteed corner booth” box is checked. In the event a currently-occupied (although not guaranteed) corner booth is requested with payment by another exhibitor, every effort will be made to place the original occupant in a nearby location.
Same Booth as Last Year Policy: Deadline for renewal is October 1st. If exhibitor sign contract after October 1st, then the same booth as last year is not honored. Due to frequent facility floor plan changes, same booth can never be totally guaranteed.
Electronic files: All contracts received via email (electronic scans) will be considered legally binding by both parties at the time it is received. Contracts will be subject to payment schedule with 100% balance due on October 1, 2020.
ALL PAYMENTS WILL BE FORFEITED for cancellations after that date.
Outstanding due balances must be paid in FULL for any booths cancelled after October 1, 2020 and any publication advertisements cancelled after October 1, 2020.
I have read and agreed with the terms and conditions.