BGI Lodge,

BGI Lodge,

Lake: Diefenbaker
Nearest Town: Macrorie
Tourist Area: West Central Saskatchewan


Bird hunting and a whole lot more – new lodge offers

unique outdoor adventure experiences

A former elementary school in the town of Macrorie, located in west central Saskatchewan, is now a fully-renovated full-service outdoor adventure lodge offering guided waterfowl hunting, fishing, shed hunting and photography packages.

The Lodge

BGI Lodge’s season runs from mid-March through November and hosts hunters, fishermen and photographers through three seasons with shed hunting in the spring, fishing in the summer and bird hunting beginning in early-fall. The area is home to an impressive variety of birds and wildlife, making it a great location for enthusiastic nature photographers and birdwatchers throughout Saskatchewan’s warmer months.

Guided Duck and Geese Hunting

BGI Lodge has guided bird hunting packages available from September to early-November. The lodge is fully licensed to hunt migratory and upland game birds.

Covering three Wildlife Management Zones (23, 24 and 29), the outfitting operation treats hunters to a number of different species, from flocks of Canada, specklebelly and snow geese to mallard ducks and sandhill cranes. The local landscape is varied and full of lakes, river valleys, marshes and fields.

Shed Hunting

Late-March to early-May is the best time to experience BGI Lodge’s shed hunting season. Shed hunts can last from three to 14 days.

Its experienced guides spend the winter scouting and patterning the deer and elk to anticipate when – and most importantly where – they are likely to drop their sheds.


BGI Lodge offers fishing trips that vary in length from three to five days from May to October. It is licensed to fish in Lake Diefenbaker and the South Saskatchewan River, downstream from Gardiner Dam.

On its fully licensed river and lake fishing trips, BGI Lodge’s expert fishing guides will have anglers reeling in a variety of fish, including northern pike, walleye, lake trout, rainbow trout, sauger and yellow perch.

Bird/Wildlife Watching and Photography

BGI Lodge is located in the heart of the North American Central Flyway, along the South Saskatchewan waterway and within driving distance of two world-class bird sanctuaries, Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area and Eyebrow Lake. The lodge is also in close proximity to several provincial parks and game preserves, such as Danielson Provincial Park and Douglas Provincial Park.

Other Outdoor Adventure Experiences and Tours

BGI Lodge packages can also be combined with other outdoor adventure experiences, such as boat tours on Lake Diefenbaker and golfing at nearby 18-hole courses – Dakota Dunes Golf Links at Whitecap Dakota First Nation and Harbor Golf Club & Resort, located on the shores of Lake Diefenbaker in Elbow. 

Northern Pike
Lake Trout
Rainbow Trout

Spring Snow Geese

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